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Il Manifesto: OSCE lied about Racak
April 09, 2000

Theater directed by KFOR
Theater directed by KFOR
Rome, April 8 (Politika) - "There was no massacre in Racak", says today the Italian daily Il Manifesto, citing the results of the inquiry recently launched by the German daily Berliner Zeitung.

"The evidence clearly show what really happened: there was no mass murder in Racak". "Those were probably the bodies of the KLA terrorists who had died on January 15th".

This had happened "only a day before William Walker, head of the verifiers of the OSCE screamed about the slaughter of the civilians, pointing his finger at the Yugoslav Army", reminds Ticiana Boari, Il Manifesto journalist.

The confirmation about the non-existence of the massacre in Racak comes from the report of the Finnish pathologists on autopsy. This report exists for more than a year, but was deliberately hidden from the public. However, it suddenly reached the editorial offices of the German daily, Il Manifesto explains.

"It is obvious that the victims were not killed at close range", confirmed professor Klaus Pueschel, director of the Medical institute of the Hamburg University, who has examined the protocols of the autopsies carried out by the Finnish doctors, upon the request of the Berliner daily paper.

Pueschel also confirmed that the Finnish doctors had not applied the method of the paraffin glove, which would have proven for sure the number of the victims who participated in the armed clash.

The inquiry of the German daily puts in argument the "OSCE reports and the statements given by the American president Bill Clinton", who spoke about "innocent men, women and children who were forced to kneel down in the mud in order to be shot dead". Nevertheless, in 39 out of 40 cases, the results of the autopsies refute the thesis of the mass murder, stresses Il Manifesto.

However, the mystery remains on the real number of the victims, especially on the bodies of the combatants of the terrorist KLA, whose bodies were mainly removed from Racak in the meantime in order not to discredit the thesis of the slaughter of unarmed civilians.

That is why there is no trace of the presence of KLA terrorists among the dead men neither in the OSCE report, nor in the "special report" for internal use, disclosed a couple of days after the bodies had been found.

Il Manifesto reveals another important data: at least 13 out of 45 buried bodies have disappeared from the "cemetery of the martyrs" in Racak.


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