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Lukin: After Kosmet, it would be Macedonia's turn
April 10, 2000

Minsk, April 10th (Tanjug) - The separation of Kosmet would endanger Macedonia, which would, due to Greek oppositions to such Albanian aspirations, result in "NATO against NATO" confrontations, Russian diplomat Vladimir Lukin holds.

In "NATO against NATO" article, published in Belorussian magazine for science, politics and culture "The Belorussian thought", Lukin analyzed the aggression of NATO against FR Yugoslavia, as well as the unsuccessful mission of the UN in Kosmet and the involvement of the Western countries in the Balkans situation, which could all lead to new conflicts in the region.

According to the Russian diplomat's opinion, there is a concrete plan, according to which Kosmet would be separated from FR Yugoslavia. In that way, that southern Serbian province would become independent, and at the same time the process of rapprochement to Albania would begin, in order to create a large country.

However, altering of the borders would not end here in the region. Macedonia would follow, where 40 % of Albanians live and where the ethnical cleansing would be repeated. Greeks would support the eastern part of Macedonia then. In that case, as Lukin says, "NATO would fight against NATO", and other regional international conflicts would appear.

Warning that the situation in Kosmet is extremely bad, Lukin points that there are not many reasons why Russian contingent would stay longer in that region.

"Contingent is sent according to the resolution of the Security Council of UN, where it is spoken about creation of common command, about the disarmament of Albanian separatists until some deadline, which already passed, about organizing new police structures, and which is not based upon the separatist army but on one completely new basis", Lukin says.

All these events the author connects with the events on Caucasus and with the situation in which Russia is due to the American and West European pressure.

Relying on the Kosmet experiences, it is very important now to consolidate the Russian situation, the Russian diplomat says. "Serious and efficient measures are needed to secure territorial unity of the country and to consolidate the armed forces, measures which are sufficient for maintaining Russian borders", Lukin stressed out.

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