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"Monitor": The expansion of the Islamic fundamentalism in the Balkans with the U.S. blessing
April 17, 2000

Sofia, April 16 - Iranian money and Arab warriors with the American blessing started the flame in Kosovo and brought about the long-term U.S. presence in the Balkans, says the Sunday double issue of the Bulgarian independent paper "Monitor".

In the article under the title "The Ayatollah's itinerary leads from Pristina via Sarajevo into Europe" and the subtitle "Terrorism", the Bulgarian paper warns that "the escalation of ethnic Albanian violence between 1997 and 1998 has showed that the ethnic Albanian terrorists have changed the tactics over those years and started carrying out exclusively "Arab formula" of terrorism, "which proved that the second phase of the Iranian offensive on Europe is in progress".

The paper reminds that during 1998 in the southern Serbian province, the ethnic Albanian terrorists, with the direct help of Iran and the U.S. blessing, kidnapped and then killed more than 1,400 persons, mainly Serbs, Montenegrins, Romanies and the ethnic Albanians loyal to the Serbian authorities. They also killed 115 Serbian policemen from ambush.

However, the objective was not only to destabilize the Balkans, says the article, but also to speed up the process of the expansion of the Islamic fundamentalism in Western Europe.

According to the text, the issue is the realization of the announced so-called "green transversal", which leads from the Middle East, via the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains with predominantly Turkish population, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia, to Western Europe.

The strategic aim of the "transversal" is to make a deep "wedge" of the Islamic fundamentalism in the heart of Western Europe, says the Bulgarian paper.

As late as the autumn of 1997, Iran has directly helped the so-called KLA, which got the strategic duty to make Kosovo a "republic". Iranian counterintelligence service, stationed in Albania, got the order to transport first bigger hand grenade packages, devices for night reconnaissance and shooting, automatic weapons and communication equipment from its bases in Albania into the Yugoslav territory, says "Monitor".

The fact that several hundreds of Kosovo Albanians were on military training in Iran represents the clear proof that the provocations of a military conflict in Kosovo were planned. In May 1998 the first unit of 120 mujaheddins, divided into seven groups, came as a reinforcement of the so-called KLA, says the Bulgarian paper, adding that this had happened only a year before the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. They have built a base for "KLA".

The Americans were supportive of the Iranian extremists at that time. However, the U.S. President Bill Clinton still says nothing about the long term U.S. interests in that part of the Balkans", says "Monitor".

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