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Without our country there is no peace and security in province of Kosovo and Metohija
April 19, 2000

General - Lieutenant colonel Vladimir Lazarevic
General - Lieutenant colonel Vladimir Lazarevic
Nis, April 19th - Commander of Third Yugoslavian Army, General - Lieutenant colonel Vladimir Lazarevic evaluated that without our forces and our country there won't be peace and security in Kosovo-Metohija.

"In Kosovo-Metohija rules total chaos now, but International forces and Civil Mission haven't accomplished not one set task", said general Lazarevic in the program"Themes and dilemmas" of Serbian radio and television.

Gen.Lie.col. Lazarevic stated that in Kosovo terror on Serbian and other non-Albanian population, but on ethnic Albanian population also who don't listen to the leaders of terroristic"KLA"(Kosovo Liberation Army)is still in progress.

He estimated that situation in Kosovo-Metohija in the last few weeks is getting worse, and latest replacements in the Kfor'head, Lazarevic commented with"commanders are replacing, but it is obviuos that neither commanding personnel nor soldiers of international security forces don't make key moves, because decisions are making in places that are far away from Kosovo-Metohija.

Remarking that in international agreement about Kosovo incorporated 31 state, Lazarevic emphasized that government of those states must take a responsibility for situation in province of Kosovo-Metohija and for consistent implementation of Security Council Resolution 1244.

Speaking about concluding maneuvers in Kosovo-Metohija, Gen.Lieu.Col. Lazarevic reminded that International forces don't have mandate for whatever maneuvers, but that their task is to provide Yugoslavia's sovergnity, safety of citizens and disarming of terrorists.

Obviously, their intention was to carry out additional pressure on Serbian population in province so they could leave their homes, but to support criminal acts of ethnic Albanian terrorists also, stated Lazarevic.

That chaos had to move to the district of Medvedja, Bujanovac and Preshevo, according to them, stated Lazarevic and said that this scenario of"provoking crisis and ruling them" is already well known.

Provocations towards members of Third Army didn't succeed, stated Lazarevic and added that they had to serve as an excuse for new mean intentions, evaluating that maneuvers are concluded without any special reason.

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