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What were those human rights?
April 20, 2000

Belgrade, April 20th (Tanjug) – Adopting the Human Rights Resolution which condemns “serious violations of human rights in FRY”, the UN Human Rights Commission showed it was unobjective, biased and highly hypocritical. They proved to be persistent executors of one world power’s will (the USA), and the instrument of its global policy of bringing “discipline” to disobedient leaders and nations.

In the year when the entire world witnessed the aggression of the US and NATO on FRY, the largest human rights violation, violation of conventions and resolutions of the human rights proclaimed by the UN, Human rights Commission had no courage to show a single example of violation of those rules. They did not even have to point to them, because the report would then be entitled “Violation of human rights performed by the UN in FRY”.

Thus, the Resolution contains concern for “discrimination and tyranny against the ethnic minorities”, which “got worse during the year”. They avoided to state clearly that the discriminated minorities were Serbs, Montenegrins and other non-Albanian population in Kosmet, and that the discrimination was performed by Albanian terrorists and separatists.

In the Resolution, Serbs were convicted of “mass violations of human rights, terrorizing Kosmet civilians and forcing them to exit the region”. There was not a single word about the false humanitarian catastrophe and “Racak affair”, which were “sponsored” by KFOR and Head of the OSCE Mission, William Walker, and which were true reasons for humanitarian catastrophe and ethnical cleansing in Kosmet.

The UN Commission for Human Rights did not say a word about the evasion of majority of Albanian population from Kosmet due to the three month bombing of Yugoslavia. They did not even say that 350000 Serbs and other non-Albanian population were expelled and headed towards Macedonian and Albanian borders.

The report of the UN Human Rights envoy for former Yugoslavia, Jiri Dienstbir, which was published in Geneva and in which he supported “stopping the isolation of Serbia and Serbian population, humanitarian support and help in reconstruction of the destroyed civilian and infrastructure objects” was completely omitted. In the same report, Dienstbir said he was concerned about “crimes and violence over Serbian people and Albanians who did not support actions and attitude of the separatist and terrorist KLA”, the statement that was excluded as well.

“The International operation in Kosmet is a complete fiasco, there is a situation of complete chaos, and Hashim Thaqi`s terrorists are ready to fight anyone who would prevent them from realizing the independence of Kosmet”, Dienstbir assessed at the press conference in Prague on March 20th.

Not even Dienstbir`s conclusion that he was pleased with the conditions and treatment of Albanian prisoners in Serbian prisons found its place in the Resolution of the UN Commission for Human Rights.

The UN Commission did not evaluate the report of the UN made in Kosmet in March, in which the new-formed, so-called “Kosovo Protection Corps” led by the ex-members of “KLA” was convicted for criminal actions, robbing Albanian population, murdering Serbs and the unsuitable Albanians, and for threatening the local UNMIK policemen who tried to prevent them from such actions.

The Resolution seriously criticizes Yugoslav Government for the alleged repression of the Independent media and the opposition, but they remain silent about the fact that Kosmet and Vojvodina have the greatest autonomy in Europe, and that national minorities in FRY have freedom of expressing themselves in media and newspapers in their own languages.

Only in Kosmet area, 65 newspapers are being published in Albanian, out of which 28 is registered, but the rest are neither forbidden nor abolished. The only newspaper in Serbian is “Jedinstvo”, which, thanks to the help from the Republic of Serbia, resumed its work. Albanians threw out the entire redaction of this paper in Pristina last June, and confiscated their rooms.

Finally, the Resolution of the UN Commission for human rights expresses “deep concern because Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and other high officials are still in power”, as if they were not elected in legal way more than once.

After all that the Resolution pointed out, only one question remains – what were those human rights?

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