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German TV: NATO does not want to remove cluster bombs
May 04, 2000

False records of NATO alliance
False records of NATO alliance
Berlin, May 4th - NATO, at the moment, is not participating neither with men or with resources in removing unexploded cluster bombs in Kosovo-Metohija, thus the impression that the Alliance does not even want to involve itself in the action, is inevitable, it was concluded in a special research show on the first channel of the German TV (ARD).

In a show called "Monitor", which will be broadcasted today, and whose content was given to the journalists earlier in Berlin, the statement of the UN chief of Service for the removal of mines, colonel John Flanagan, is given, saying that NATO is hiding the true information not only about the number of the unexploded bombs, but also about the locations where they were at one time thrown.

"About 30.000 cluster bombs did not explode, and that is twice larger number than NATO has confessed so far", colonel Flanagan said adding that false records are intentionally served to the UN representatives in Pristina. "In 40 per cent of the cases we found the bombs at least a kilometer farther than the places marked on NATO maps", colonel Flanagan complained. The reason for such behaviour of the Alliance, according to the opinion of colonel Flanagan, should be looked for in the wish of NATO not to cerate a precedent - to pay for the expenses of the removal of the bombs which it, itself had thrown!

Citizens of Kosovo-Metohija, who almost daily get killed in the explosions of such bombs, according to the opinion of colonel Flanagan, will feel the consequences of insufficient NATO support to the removal of unexploded cluster bombs. "Therefore I fear that a part of Kosmet will remain inaccessible for years", colonel Flanagan said.

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