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"Start": Clark received 150.000 German marks reward from Albanian terrorists
May 12, 2000

Money and a medal from terrorists
Money and a medal from terrorists
Skoplje, May 12th (Tanjug) - Skoplje weekly "Start" reveals that Kosmet terrorist Hashim Thaqui recently in Pristina, gave to former NATO pact commander, Wesley Clark, so-called "Adem Jasari medal" and 150.000 German marks for an extreme contribution to "Albanian cause".

While he was receiving the medal Clark was in the position of attention in front of the Albanian flag and in front of the uniformed members of the terrorist "KLA", which practically meant that he recognized Kosmet as the new Albanian state, Skoplje weekly emphasizes.

Before leaving his function, Clark came to Kosmet three times, each time it was a "farewell visit" and he met with Thaqui and Agim Chequ, until he received so-called "medal" with a face and a name of the first Albanian terrorist Adem Jasari and he also received a wealthy money prize "for the contributions to Albanian people", "Start" states.

During his last visit to Kosmet, Clark said to the members of "KLA" in Kosovska Mitrovica that Serbs can return to the province only in accordance with Albanians and that in that case they should not be attacked. By this, Clark, as Skoplje weekly states, confessed that Albanians had banished Serbs from Kosmet, and that Albanians and not the International Community decided when and under which conditions the Serbs would be back.

In the article titled "Jassari medal for Wesley Clark", "Start" also deals with the "administrator" Bernard Kouchner, emphasizing that he was the most responsible for everything that is happening in Kosmet now.

"Kouchner, without any authority, gives 'passports' to Albanians, as well as other documents, preparing the ground for the census of the population in the province. He wants the census with or without the Serbs and other non Albanian citizens, giving the right to the Albanians, who came to Kosmet from Albania, to list themselves as if they were born in Kosmet", the weekly points out.

"Kouchner`s papers" will also be of good use to "KLA" terrorists, so they can legally continue their activities, "Start" points out, saying that the "administrator", after numerous critics, is trying to convince the public that he is allegedly fighting for multiethnic Kosovo, and at the same time he is doing everything to eliminate the rest of Serbs from the province.

350.000 Serbs were banished from Kosmet, since the arrival, 11 months ago, of Kouchner, who continues the criminal acts of Wesley Clark and his employers.

Kosmet is now the center of bands and Mafiosi, prostitution, drugs and terrorism, Skoplje weekly states giving an interesting detail. KFOR took away even toys from few Serbian children left in Kosmet. It justified its actions saying that it happened because it could not be seen from the helicopter whether they were the real toys or some kind of weapons! So, while Serbian children cannot hold in their hands plastic toys, KFOR allows Albanian smugglers to bring the most modern weapons - rifles type AK17 and munitions to Kosmet "Start," concludes.

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