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Interview of Wilhelm Langtaler to Serbian Broadcasting Co.: "Resistance to NATO aggression, support to FRY"
May 16, 2000

"Solidarity" organization against the new world order
Belgrade, May 15th - President of Austro-Serbian movement "Solidarity", which was founded in Vienna as a sign of resistance to NATO aggression and support to our country, Wilhelm Langtaler, estimated yesterday evening that NATO would try to create the conditions for new intervention and new war by prompting opposition, secessionist movements.

Langtaler said precisely in his interview to Serbian Broadcasting Co. that the real cause for the aggression on FRY was "throwing a country which dared confront the demands of new world order on its knees". That was, according to his words, an obstacle for NATO's way to Russia.

Speaking about the recent visit to Kosovska Mitrovica, Langtaler stressed that in the southern part of that town a "virtual occupation" was under way.

"There are numerous evidence that the 1244 Resolution of the UN Security Council is not being conducted at all", Langtaler said, adding that Serbs are being systematically thrown out of Kosmet, controlled, disarmed and that they are not permitted to defend themselves in any way, which is not the case with the Albanians.

Langtaler reminded that "Solidarity" members were demonstrating for all 78 days of the aggression on FRY, and he pointed that the demonstrations had out-of-party character i.e. members of different parties participated in them as well as those who are not in favor of any party.

"One of our most significant actions was foundation of the Vienna tribunal - directed against Austrian government and its helping NATO aggression", Langtaler said, stressing that the Organization went to Kosmet after the aggression and "showed its solidarity with Serbs, especially with the confined in UNMIK prison in Kosovska Mitrovica".

Speaking about the new world order and the US attempt to dominate the world, Langtaler estimated that the new world order presented a terrible dictatorship of the rich over the poor, the minority over the majority, and he expressed his hopes that "this dictatorship would be destroyed soon, since majority of the world population would have to find ways of confronting it".

"We wish to fight against the NATO and new world order with Serbs, because NATO is the greatest criminal organization in the history", Langtaler said, stressing that "there will come the time when every nation would be able to free itself from such dictatorship".

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