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Italian section of the International Independent Tribunal demands abolition of NATO alliance
June 04, 2000

NATO - fascism is not defeated
NATO - fascism is not defeated
Rome, June 3rd (Tanjug) - In the name of justice and the sovereignty of Italian people we are accusing the highest Italian authorities, especially former premier Massimo D'Alema, who during March last year attacked FR of Yugoslavia, which threatened to no one, neither Italia nor other members of NATO, by what national constitution and international law were violated. Because of that, it is necessary to abolish NATO.

That is the essence of declaration, adopted tonight in Rome at the meeting of Italian section of the International Independent Tribunal of Ramsey Clark against NATO war crimes committed in FR of Yugoslavia.

Declaration will be presented at the meeting of Tribunal in New York June 10th.

All members at the tonight meeting of Italian section - professors of international law, lawyers, politicians, journalists - are agreed that it is necessary to bring leadership clique of NATO countries in front of the justice, because what they did to FR of Yugoslavia and what is going on in the past year in Kosovo and Metohija under the watchful eye and under the cock of rifle of the international community, it's the same as war crime.

If we want to be precisely, so-called the most democratic countries of the world "with its actions confirmed, unfortunately, that fascism is not defeated in 1945, but on the contrary is very active today", stressed representative of the Reformed communists, member of the Italian Parliament Mario Akane.

According to journalist Fulvia Grimaldi "it was unseen perfidious use of adjective "humanitarian" till now, as a veil for carrying out real brutal aim - neocolonialism, globalization with cancellation of all human rights and with the merciless abuse of west medias from their authorities".

"No way", emphasized Grimaldi, "disinformation, lies, forgeries were very important part of the special strategy of war propaganda".

Unfortunately, there is no end abusing, it is stressed at the meeting of Italian section of the International Tribunal of Ramsey Clark against NATO's war crimes committed in FR of Yugoslavia. Arrogant and unscrupulous authorities of NATO countries, under the conductor's baton of the USA, now have thrown itself on judiciary.

According to professor of the International law in Teramo Aldo Bernandini "that confirms the latest intention of the chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carla del Ponte for formally rejecting accusations against NATO's war crimes committed in FR of Yugoslavia, and as a ground for that decision evaluation of the specialized commission of the Hague Tribunal is quoted.

"That decision points out more clearly to the partiality and absurdity of the International court in the Hague. And total absurdity is that illegal court is trying in fact to judge indirectly to one country - FR of Yugoslavia", said professor Bernandini.

He again repeated that "especially worries that NATO countries violated basic human rights, rights which are being guaranteed with the Charter of the United Nations, also basic international rights: sovereignty and integrity". "This was committed at first in 1991 when Slovenia and Croatia were accepted, which represented first international crime", said professor Bernandini.

Numerous attempts which the international community committed in the last 12 months in Kosovo and Metohija reminded professor at the Rome's Sapjenca Julia Barone.

The main regulation of all agreements to keep the multiethnicity of Kosovo and Metohija was violated. Bringing into the Deutch mark as a financial means, Kosovo and Metohija was brought into in the euro-economic system, but not, of course , as a equal partner, but as a colonialized area", warned Julia Barone.

Former senator, political analyst Ranijero la Vale, thinks that big damage is, because, there is no one real independent court which will protect basic human rights truthfully. With the aggression against Yugoslavia all illusions were destroyed, if they were, that war could go the same way with the human rights, he added.

"There is no alternative - war or human rights, because it is obvious that war destroyed security on Balkan. In that way basic these of world powerful people that war is the instrument for bringing security was denied. In fact it is contrary to that - where there is war , there is no security any more", concluded Ranijero la Vale.

Charge d'affaires of the Yugoslav embassy of FR of Yugoslavia in Italia Slavko Njegomir turned to the participants of the tonight meeting of the Tribunal in Rome. We thanks to the independent Tribunal and its merciless fight for the affirmation of rights, as a high principle of civilized society and against war, as the biggest evil and crime against humanity, said Njegomir.

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