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The Independent - Observer…Unsuccessful British presence in Kosovo-Metohija
June 06, 2000

False "victory" of British government
London, June 6 (Tanjug) - Taken as a whole, British participation in the Kosovo-Metohija crisis has been unsuccessful for the time being, analysts in London assess today on the occasion of the first anniversary of the international presence in the province.

British armed forces have shown serious inadequacy and lack of necessary military readiness, while it has turned out that violence and chaos in Kosovo-Metohija are taking place more frequently than ever.

The British government persistently tries to conceal Kosovo-Metohija failures from the public. However, important facts cannot be hidden.

Prime Minister Tony Blaire attempted to explain the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia and interference in the Kosovo-Metohija crisis as so-called "humanitarian reasons". However, the London Independent stresses today that Kosovo-Metohija is ruled by "ethnic violation" of the local ethnic Albanians against the Serbs and chaos, which cannot be considered "humanitarism".

According to the paper, the situation there represents failure and defeat of the international community, not a "victory" as the British government persistently claims. The international community, Britain as well, has become the ally of ethnic Albanian criminals and those who kill and harass non-Albanian population in Kosovo-Metohija, the weekly Observer warns in its latest issue.

When will the world public be admitted that embarrassing truth and told who are the allies of the international community in Kosovo-Metohija? - asks the London weekly.

Apart from the physical violence against the Serbs, Serbian cultural and historical heritage is being destroyed in Kosovo-Metohija despite the presence of the international forces (KFOR) and the U.N. mission, respectable London paper Evening Standard warns.

According to the paper, "cultural genocide" is being carried out in Kosovo-Metohija as well. Evening Standard claims that the genocide is being helped by UNESCO, because it does not allow Serbian experts to come to Kosovo-Metohija and help preservation of that historical heritage.

The paper underscores that the international art smugglers have organized themselves in Kosovo-Metohija, adding that priceless valuables of Serbian cultural heritage are offered on illegal market.

The British government only talks about the problems of its armed forces in Kosovo-Metohija, neglecting these tragical facts.

It is also claimed that British airplanes were poorly equipped during the aggression on Yugoslavia, that they used old equipment. The same thing later happened with the British KFOR soldiers. That media campaign also revealed that the government ministers have told lies to the public about the price of the unsuccessful Kosovo-Metohija mission.

While Tony Blaire's government in Britain reduces expenditure for military training, school system and health service, billions of pounds are being spent in Kosovo-Metohija, the analysts notice. That is the price of the alliance between the British government and ethnic Albanian criminals and murderers, Observer stresses.


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