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Twentieth Century - Innovations in Belgrade

Milena Pavlovic Barili - A poet of painting

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Belgrade University marked its 95th anniversary

Belgrade University, one of the oldest institutions of Serbian culture, science and spirituality, marks its 95th anniversary
Belgrade University celebrates its 95th anniversary
Belgrade University celebrates its 95th anniversary
The Association of the Serbian Emigrants published an anthology "The Millennium of the Serbian Literature" in the English language, prepared by the Belgrade University Philological Faculty Anglistics professor, Tihomir Vuckovic MORE
Famous Russian ballet couple, Tatiana Chernobrovkina and Dmitry Zababurin, as well as a young ballerina, Kadria Amirova, appeared at the National Theater main stage in Adolph Adam's "Giselle" MORE
Copies of the frescoes from Kosovo monasteries on display in Salonika, are a symbolic part of the great Serbian cultural and historical treasury, which represent a part of the world cultural heritage due to its value and importance, said dr Boris Iljenko MORE
NATO did not disassociate itself from the sides in Kosovo-Metohija conflict, but sided with the Albanian terrorists, says the book titled "New NATO - new wars" by German author, Uli Kremer MORE
Matica Srpska, spiritual union of all the Serbs and the oldest cultural and national institution of Serbs, will celebrate 174th birthday MORE
Famous Russian film artist and a great friend of Serbian people, Nikita Mihalkov, arrives in Belgrade MORE
The book "Truth about NATO's war against Yugoslavia" - a result of a number of so-called hearings held in Europe and the United States within an investigation to file charges of war crimes against NATO's leading officials, said the politicologist from Berlin, professor Wolfgang Richter MORE
Famous Russian film director Nikita Michalkov visits Belgrade, on the occasion of the showing of his new film "The barber of Siberia" MORE
The zero copy of photo-printed copy of "Gospel according to Miroslav", one of the most beautiful manuscript books of the world, written in 12th century, was presented MORE
One of the most important theatre awards in Serbia, the statuette of "Joakim Vujic" was given this year to actress Olivera Markovic and writer, academician Ljubomir Simonovic MORE
Panorama of poets from diaspora, a collection of poems for children by Milutin Djurickovic "The dearest river" was presented today in Cultural-educational community of Serbia MORE
Writer Milovan Vitezovic said at a presentation of book "Think Serbian" that he wrote a new book as a mosaic of texts on Serbian history, feeling that he owes that to the Serbian people, history and language MORE
At the 28th Fest, since January 28th, over 100 movies from more than 20 countries were shown, about 400 projections were held in eight cinemas while about 100.000 visitors watched them MORE
Famous opera names, hopes of Belgrade opera and young artists from Novi Sad take part starring at "Ana Bolen" and "Signor Bruskino" performances MORE
Serb literary writers in Kosovo-Metohija are morally and physically endangered by Albanian terrorists, stated the Serb PEN center in Belgrade MORE
Displays of the anti-war exhibition with sights from bombarded Novi Sad in front of war supporters in Brussels MORE

Yugoslavia urges U.N. Security Council to halt "cultural cleansing" and restrain terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija MORE


Ethnic Albanian extremists burning books in Serbian language MORE

Killing of Serbian culture in Kosovo and Metohija DALJE

National identity and state sovereignty in Southeast Europe DALJE

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