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The Novi Sad Fair - Calendar

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Consultation begins in Arandjelovac

A three-day consultation "Informatics, management, ecology and standard" began today at Izvor Hotel in Arandjelovac
Informatics - driving force of development
Informatics - driving force of development
Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic received leadership of "Keramika" firm from Mladenovac MORE

Fashion house "Mona" from Belgrade is the winner of this year's International Award for the Best Name in the world of trade - The New Millennium Award - it was decided today in Madrid MORE

"Serbia's tourist economy will be completely ready for the beginning of the main summer tourist season", Minister of Serbia Tourism, Slobodan Cerovic, said today, opening the 22nd International fair of tourism, sports and nautical science MORE

Serbian Premier Mirko Marjanovic, who arrived in Moscow yesterday, attended today the 2nd All Russian Congress of Manufacturers MORE

Serbian minister of science and technology, prof.dr.Branislav Ivkovic opened 26th International fair of civil engineering and 4th International fair of horticulture and ikebana in Belgrade MORE

In the meeting "Diaspora and agriculture in the year 2000", which was organized in Belgrade, it was decided that the Board of the Diaspora Council for agriculture should be organized. The Board should be engaged in gathering the interested in agriculture investments MORE

The first Republican seminar on automatic management of industrial processes started today in Banja Koviljaca. The seminar gathered commerce experts from the entire country MORE

In the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Community of the Associated independent entrepreneurs constituted its Board MORE

In the meeting of the Coordination team of the Government for domestic trade, measures that Serbian Government ought to take for realizing plans of the economical politics for the year 2000 were discussed, as well as the tasks of the Coordination team for realization of two main aims - providing regular market supplies and preserving price stability MORE

Ministry of science and technology's experts team in the government of Republic Serbia, which is working on development and applying of Business programs for small and medial firms, participate in summer's assembly of World Trade Centers Association in Trieste MORE

In the first three months of this year foreign capital influx in our country on the base of mutual investments amounts to 100 millions DM, stated Borka Vuchic, Yugoslav Minister for Cooperation with international financial organizations MORE

Government of Republic Serbia adopted Programme of reconstruction and development of Group "Zastava" for 2000.year,at the session which presided Mirko Marjanovic MORE

At the fair in Belgrade prizes are awarded to the most successful exhibitors at the 39th international automobile show MORE

Prime minister Mirko Marjanovic estimated that with successful reconstruction, development and reforms which are in process we are on the right way to achieve layd aims from the program of economic politics of the Parliament of National Unity. MORE

Agreement between SR Yugoslavia and Russian Federation about accepting the results from inspecting products which are importing will contribute realization of mutual wish for advancement of whole commercial and economic cooperation MORE

The Republic Minister of Traffic and Communications, Ratko Marcetic, visited the Car Fair at Belgrade Fair MORE

A quicker opening to the world and an organized and more aggressive performance on the foreign market is needed, says the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce MORE

In the Belgrade Fair, the rewards were given for the cars of the millenium, the decade and the year MORE

Serbian Premier Mirko Marjanovic opened on Friday the 39th International Motor Show, in which more than 520 exhibitors are taking part, of which 170 foreign ones from 27 countries MORE

"Our main interest is to preserve united and strong Serbia and in that way to preserve our independence and our freedom", emphasized the first man of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, MA Bosko Perosevic MORE


The economic background of the NATO aggression and the occupation of Kosovo-Metohija MORE
Mirko Marjanovic on economic policy in 1999 and goals in the year 2000 MORE

Economic-social program of the Serbian government

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