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Guide through Kosovo and Metohia

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Investigation on Ceku big test for international community

Agim Ceku in cordial meeting with KFor officials
Agim Ceku in cordial meeting with KFor officials
Two Serbian houses were burned, and the Albanians threatened that every evening will burn another two houses MORE
Corps of three Serbs were found in Vucitrn and Leposavic, what makes 12 killed persons in that region since KFOR arrived, inform Serbian National Council MORE
Kouchner stated that the member of the U.N. mission to Kosovo and Metohija was killed because he talked in his native, Bulgarian language so Albanians thought that he was a Serb? MORE
EU and NATO countries cannot bring peace to Kosovo and the Balkans, but Balkan countries themselves with their active participation in the process, said the Greek Minister of Defence Akis Tsohatzopoulos MORE
United universities of Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska are specially important for keeping the Pristina university, the last stronghold of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, said at the session of the Belgrade university MORE
Centre for Peace and Tolerance and Serbian National Council point out that arresting and judicial proceeding against mentally retarded minor is an example how the Yugoslav criminal law and U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children are ignored MORE
After rendering aid to the Serbs in Kosovo Polje, Kfor's command withdraws the Italians MORE
KFOR troops and the UN police physically attacked, mistreated, molested and finally arrested the Serb representative for Kosovo Polje MORE
Two weeks after the formal demilitarization of the so-called KLA in Kosovo-Metohija the killings continue MORE
We support solely the creation of an autonomous multiethnic Kosovo and Metohija within Yugoslav borders, said General Wesley Clark, NATO Commander for Europe, Massimo D'Alema, Italian Prime Minister and Bernard Kouchner, Chief of UN Mission to Kosovo MORE
Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Knut Vollebaek, called Kosovo Albanians to stop threatening Serbs and to demonstrate more ethnic tolerance MORE
President and Vice-President of the Yugoslav government committee for cooperation with the UN mission Stanimir Vukicevic and Zoran Andjelkovic expressed their discontent in talk with the Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Knut Vollebaek because of non-compliance of the Security Council Resolution 1244 and the policy of double standards towards Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo MORE
UNMIK spokeswoman Beatrice Lacoste says that the fear of the Serbs from Kosovska Mitrovica is justified MORE
Serbs from the municipality of Vitina demand their children to be allowed to attend classes in 11 schools in the territory of Vitina and get equal treatment as Albanian pupils MORE
Romanies in Kosmet are victims of KLA which has been carrying out ethnic cleansing with the blessing of the United Nations, says member of the Interim Executive Council of Kosovo-Metohija Bayram Haliti MORE
Life in Kosovo and Metohija is still risky for non-Albanians, Pristina Center for peace and tolerance announced MORE
Situation in Kosovo and Metohija remains tense since international forces and UN mission are being indulgent concerning Albanian terrorists, Xinhua estimates MORE
Unless UNMIK and KFor take adequate measures for the protection of the remaining Serbs, Montenegrins and other non-Albanians, in keeping with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, they will be directly responsible for the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and Metohija, the Presidency of the Serbian National Assembly said in Kosovska Mitrovica MORE
Contrary to U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 and his own statements, U.N. Civilian Mission head Bernard Kouchner is doing everything for the judiciary in Kosovo and Metohija to become ethnically clean, says Serbian Justice minister Dragoljub Jankovic MORE
Members of the German peacekeeping troops within KFOR last Friday arrested four Serbs - Novica Krstic, Danilo and Radisav Misic, and Ceda Jovanovic, Krstic's wife Miloratka said in Orahovac on Tuesday MORE
Since the arrival of French KFOR contingent in the northern sector, the Serbian National Council of Kosovska Mitrovica has registered 24 cases of missing Serbs MORE
Admitting a large number of Albanians into Kosovska Mitrovica hospital is aimed at forcing the Serb medical staff to move out of this region, reads the letter of the Serbian medical staff addressed to the head of the UN Civil Mission in Kosovo-Metohija Bernard Kouchner MORE
KFOR removed the barricades on the Pristina-Pec route, although Serb requests regarding their right to education, medical help and security have not yet been fulfilled MORE
Kosovska Mitrovica district chief Zdravko Trajkovic provided free school books, a gift of Serbian government aimed to 5.383 primary students in the counties of this district - Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecane, Zubin Potok, Leposavic, Srbica and Vucitrn MORE
Several hundred Kosovo Albanians rallied outside the Culture Hall and railway station, where they burned Serb and Yugoslav flags and abused the few non-Albanian passers by MORE
The peak of the scandalous court proceedings of Kfor in Kosovska Mitrovica is arresting of mentally retarded minor, accused by French gendarmerie for "most severe crimes", based on anonymous Albanian tips MORE
An improvised hand grenade thrown at a civilian automobile in Pristina; sporadic fire heard in Kosovska Mitrovica; Canadian helicopter ran into a power line… MORE
Albanian terrorists set their barricades 300 m from the Serbian ones and take over railway station in Kosovo Polje MORE
Dozens of Albanians stone convoy of vehicles on Nis-Pristina road with about 150 Serbian people, women and children returning to Kosmet MORE
If the bomb attacks continue, we will be unable to stop the burst of violence, warns the commander of the International forces in Kosovo-Metohija, British general Michael Jackson MORE
Albanian extremists hindered in their intention to attack barehanded Serbs in Kosovo Polje MORE
Kosovo and Metohia:
Facts about Kosovo and Metohia MORE
Kosovo and Metohia:
Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia MORE
Renmin Ribao: shameful, subordinate and indecent role of the western media MORE

De Telegraaf: Albanians also victims of Albanian nationalists MORE

De Volkskrant: four months of K-for criticized MORE

Spiegel: Tom Kenigs doubts success of U.N. Mission in Kosovo MORE

Sunday Times: Agim Ceku under investigation for war crimes MORE

"Le Nouvel Observateur": The International Tribunal in the Hague is not independent MORE

"Makedonija danas": Kouchner shows a high level of incompetence MORE

"The Boston Globe": Attempt of "cybernetic" war against FRY MORE

NATO aggression on Yugoslavia one of the reasons of Lafontaine's resignation MORE

Hannes Hofbauer: "A Balkan War, the Destruction of Yugoslavia" MORE

Diario 16: Disastrous information of the "newspaper crime pages" in Spain caused by Albanian Mafia MORE

Albanian Mafia in service of "KLA" MORE

Elsevier: Serbia - the only multiethnic country within the former SFR Yugoslavia MORE

Brussels: More violence than in peacemaker's report MORE

KFOR supporting the ethnic cleansing in Kosmet MORE

Threats made by Hashim Tachi MORE

Albanians and KFOR responsible for the Serb and Romany exodus MORE

"Politika Ekspres"daily: Training of Swedish soldiers for mission in Kosovo and Metohija MORE

KFor's catastrophic mistake MORE

West paying back loan to terrorists MORE

Nothing but air for Serbs MORE

Terrorists and criminals "protecting" Kosovo MORE

Traces of Agim Cheku's crimes MORE

Skopje daily Dnevnik: Alliance of Kfor and KLA illegal MORE

Duma: UN and NATO gave way to the Kosmet terrorists MORE

Factories - to Albania MORE

The Battle Inside Headquarters -Tension Grew With Divide Over Strategy MORE

Media in Belgium: Trade of Clark and "KLA" MORE

Country stomped by NATO bombs MORE

KLA has been trading humanitarian aid for prostitutes MORE

KLA does not want to be demilitarized MORE

Bulgarian weekly "168 casa": Dracula nights in Kosovo MORE

Cynicism and responsibility - the way Jackson elaborates on the developments in Kosovo and Metohija MORE

Washington Post: NATO targeting civilian on purpose MORE

Svenska Dagbladet: UN favors to the terrorists MORE

Le Figaro: KLA demilitarization - a hoax MORE

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