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Hunger strike and mass support continued

By the march of justice in the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica, several thousands of Serbs gathered today at noon in front of the District prison in this town supporting 37 Serbs and 5 Romanies who have been on hunger strike for 38 days
Mass support to the confined Serbs and Romanies
Mass support to the confined Serbs and Romanies
Murdered Serb, Petar Topoljski, is a victim of the tolerant attitude of UNMIK and other international representatives towards Albanian extremists and terrorists who falsely accuse Serbs for the alleged crimes MORE
Petar Topoljski, a 25-year old Serb working for the regional administration of the U.N. civil mission for Pristina, was killed after receiving threats from ethnic Albanians also working in the U.N. service MORE
Several thousands of Serbs, after the march of justice in the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica, demanded in protest in front of the prison that the innocent Serbs who have been in hunger strike for 35 days be urgently released MORE
A repetition of the slaughter in Stari Gradski almost happened to the peasants who were performing spring sowing on their farms in Gojbulja village, Serbian enclave near Kosovska Mitrovica. "Disarmed" ethnic Albanian terrorists opened fire on them from automatic weapons. MORE
In village Binac near Kosovska Vitina, Albanian terrorists blew up the house of Srecko Markovic, KFOR hypocritically ignored the incident MORE
Serbs in Gnjilane region refused to go to a registration conducted by OSCE, because KFOR does not prevent their banishment and crimes over them MORE
The protest of the Yugoslav Committee underscored that UNMIK and KFOR were doing nothing to calm nationalist passions and were in fact encouraging, with their silence, ethnic Albanian terrorists and separatists MORE
During the NATO army drill conducted this spring in Kosmet, more that 2000 Albanian extremists were trained for terrorist actions against Serbian civilians, army and police MORE
Serbs confined in the Kosovska Mitrovica district prison will not stop their hunger strike in spite of the serious health conditions, not even after the 34th day of strike MORE
From the arrival of KFOR peace forces, in Leposavic district rule crime, robberies, illegal woodcutting, fights of young people in coffee shops, all this because there is no control and laws of the Republic of Serbia, President of this district, Dragan Jablanovic, pointed out MORE
Ethnic Albanian extremists have planted more than two hundred dead bodies of their compatriots among the charred remains of the Boro i Ramiz sports and business complex in the attempt to present it as a mass grave and a war crime committed by the Serbs MORE
The Serbs in Obilic came under the sixth bomb attack MORE
Continuing war under the auspices of KFOR in Kosovska Vitina - the village of Vrbovac came under ethnic Albanian terrorists' mortar attack MORE
Albanian terrorists killed professor Zerka, member of the Central Board of the Albanian Democratic Reform Party and kidnapped his daughter MORE
In downtown Obilic, more than 100 raging Albanian hooligans hurled rocks and stones, for over 30 minutes, at an apartment building housing several Serb families MORE
The attacks on Serbs in Kosovska Vitina and in nearby places do not stop - local bands of Albanian terrorists, with open support by KFOR, lead a real war against the remaining Serbian citizens MORE
KFOR used helicopters, live ammunition and gas bombs to disperse Serbs ho were protesting because a three story house of Zarko Dejanovic, in the village Grncare near Vitina, had been blown up and the terrorists undisturbed, had escaped from the scene of the crime MORE
In front of the district prison in Kosovska Mitrovica, in which 37 Serbs and 5 Romanians are in hunger strike for 31 day demanding beginning of court trials, gathered several hundred of residents of Kosovska Mitrovica MORE
Another Serb house was blown up in a village near Kosovska Vitina, which KFOR refused to protect despite previous warning MORE
In Kosovska Vitina, Serb hunting continues and KFOR still does not accept the role of game warden MORE
"KFOR should really disarm Mafiosi from the so-called KLA and not just represent witness of bloody attacks on Serbs, like the recent wounding of two Serbian girls in Kosovska Vitina", the Italian Member of Parliament Dario Rivolta said MORE
UNMIK civilian administrator for Kosovo Polje, Ugo Trojano, without any cause, stopped the session of the Executive Board of the Serbian National Assembly (SNA) in Kosovo Polje and threatened to arrest representatives of the Serbian people MORE
Unlike detained Serbs who are on hunger strike in Kosovska Mitrovica without the basic human rights, Albanian terrorists in Serbian prisons are visited by their relatives and both the lawyers and the detainees are according to the highest European standards, justice minister Dragoljub Jankovic said MORE
In terrorist attack in village Cernica near Gnjilane, Srecko Savic sustained serious injuries and Miomir Savic, Trajan Savic, Mladen Menkovic and Zvonimir Stanojevic were wounded MORE
Ethnic Albanian terrorists mined two Serb houses in the village of Klokot near Kosovska Vitina MORE
Because of the hunger strike that lasts for several days in the District prison in Kosovska Mitrovica, the health of Dragan Jovanovic, one of Serb prisoners, as a result of that rapidly deteriorates MORE
In Kosovska Vitina, Albanians have been for days killing, raging, setting Serb houses on fire, and KFOR shows its hypocrisy in the worst possible light - collaborates in the crimes MORE
A delegation of the Yugoslav committee for cooperation with UN mission visited Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica prison. During this visit it was confirmed that the conditions under which the prisoners have been on hunger strike for almost a month - were the worst possible ones MORE
Albanians open fire with automatic weapons on a Serb house in Kosovska Vitina - two five-year-old girls, a woman and Dobri Kojic, who was recovering from the previous injuries, wounded - KFOR, as usual, passive MORE
The efforts, which the multinational forces in Kosovo make in order to reach stabilization of the situation in Kosovo, are one-sided and mostly consider the interests of ethnic Albanians, ignoring the ones of non-Albanian ethnic groups, stressed Chief of the Russian Army General Staff Anatolij Kvasnjin MORE
Another Serb victim of ethnic Albanian terrorists - Zivko Stolic (67) from the village of Klokot, Kosovska Vitina municipality, killed MORE
Fire broke out this evening in Europe Hotel in Gnjilane, spreading over most of the building; it is supposed some people were injured MORE
A team of experts from Pristina University Medical School examined more than 40 Serbs in Kosovska Mitrovica district prison, who are on hunger strike for 25 days now, and found that their health gives rise to concern MORE
The US administration recently secretly armed more than 3.500 Albanian extremists who are acting under the wing of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) MORE
Leader of the Albanian Democratic Reform Party Sokolj Chuse assessed that Bernard Kouchner's so-called peacekeeping mission in Kosovo has failed MORE
An independent ethnic Albanian journalist Fatmir Seholi has called on the Western media to drop censorship of the reports from Kosovo and Metohija and the ethnic Albanian media to stop deluding people with illusions about the creation of some "Republic of Kosovo" MORE
The day before the great orthodox holiday - Easter, group of armed ethnic Albanians killed Serb Milorad Peric from Gnjilane MORE
The ethnic Albanian terrorists threw hand grenades, while they were passing through municipality of Obilic, on Serb children, who were playing in the center of village - luckily the children stayed uninjured MORE
Ethnic Albanians from Zubin Potok attempted kidnapping of Serb girl, Marina Vuchinic from that village - the girl is saved MORE
The ethnic Albanian terrorists threw hand grenade on the yard of the family house of Radic in the settlement of Boshnjachka mahala in the Serb's north part of Kosovska Mitrovica MORE
Members of American Kfor'force arrested engineers Radomir Biserchic, Miodrag Ilic and Jovica Livrinic, workers of Serbia's Post, Telephone and Telegraph Enterprise from Prishtina - after the exhausted interrogation they are released from the American base "Bondstil" MORE
Albanian terrorists set fire to houses of Zivorad Simic and Velibor Stojanovic, in village Klobukar, and brutally beat their owners MORE
A 74-year-old Romany woman, Hadije Agusi from Gnjilane, died from injuries received when Albanian terrorists threw a bomb MORE
Without first notifying the Serbs, the French KFOR forces tried yesterday to settle some 80 ethnic Albanians in the Serb part of Kosovska Mitrovica, though they had never lived there before - with this operation they create yet another crisis spot inside the Serb enclave MORE
The way the church in Grncar was destroyed on Good Friday shows it was blown up by members of the so-called, allegedly disarmed KLA, who were trained in NATO's camps in Albania and Germany MORE
Three Albanian boys beat up an eighty years old Serb in Lipljan - KFOR released them after the hearing!!! MORE
In Ajvalija, a place near Gracanica, militant Albanians desecrated Serbian orthodox cemetery MORE
Terrorists from the orders of so-called "KLA", trained in NATO camps in Albania and Germany, blew up "St. Petka" church by a time bomb in village Grncar in Kosovska Vitina district, in the mass time MORE
The notorious international terrorist Osama bin Laden, wanted by the U.S. State Department, arrived in Kosovo and Metohija from Albania where he trained extremists for new crimes in the south of Serbia MORE
Serbian house burnt down in Obilic - UNMIK police and firemen did not answer the SOS calls for putting the fire down MORE
British Agency Reuters pointed out that members of terrorist organization KLA were officially disarmed, but KFOR and UN police almost daily found and confiscated forbidden weapons in possession of Kosmet Albanians MORE
The announced return of temporarily displaced Serbs to Kosovo and Metohija "inspires" ethnic Albanians to destroy little number of houses left - KFOR naturally neglects the blasting of Serb houses MORE
The Serbs detained in the Kosovska Mitrovica prison are in critical condition due to the hunger strike, claim the doctors who visited and examined them MORE
In their letter to Kouchner, the Serbs detained in Kosovska Mitrovica prison demand urgent trial and regular treatment, after which they would decide whether to continue the hunger strike MORE
Over the last month, ethnic Albanians have completely destroyed all Serb houses and other objects in the village of Pantina, municipality of Vucitrn, in order to make the expelled Serbs give up the intention of returning to the Kosovo chaos MORE
The European Union (EU), through its Humanitarian bureau (ECHO), in bordering Serbian districts towards Kosovo-Metohija recently offers financial help for building housing objects for the evacuated population and in that way "certifies" ethnical cleansing of Serbs in Kosmet MORE
Head of the Sveti Sava church in Kosovska Mitrovica, the Archpriest Svetislav Nojic, visited 40 Serbs in the District prison in Kosovska Mitrovica - prisoners are in state of exhaustion, some of them in serious health conditions MORE
In the village of Bostane, southeast of Pristina, in the hamlet of Sumaci ethnic Albanian terrorists set fire to the house of Stajko Sumakovic; in Obilic, they stoned an apartment house in Vojvoda Radomir Putnik Street inhabited by Serbs MORE
In his first working visit to Kosovska Mitrovica, new KFOR commander in Kosovo and Metohija Spanish General Juan Ortuno met with Oliver Ivanovic MORE
In the vicinity of the village of Mramor near Gracanica Lake, UNMIK found the lifeless body of Srdjan Markovic from the village of Badovac MORE
Out of revenge for the Italian KFOR members' attempt to prevent unceasing destroying and looting of the abandoned Serb houses, ethnic Albanians fired nine shells at the Serbian village of Gorazdevac in Pec municipality MORE
Ethnic Albanians carried out an attack on a police vehicle and ambulance which were escorting ill baby to the hospital treatment in Vranje - two police officers are slightly wounded, luckily baby stayed uninjured, near the village Bresic MORE
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