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Malte Olsevski about NATO frauds
A year of Serb-hunt
Memorandum of the Government of the FRY
Yugoslav Government statement: Failure of UNMIK and KFOR more than evident
Censored truth
Revealing of propaganda lies during the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia
NATO aggression illegal
President Slobodan Milosevic
President Slobodan Milosevic
`Newsweek`: The US of America deliberately hushed
Clark's collateral mistake
Clark's collateral mistake
Protest of the Yugoslav Government
Concentration Camp
Prioress of Visoki Decani monastery: We feel safer
Serbs on wanted circulars
A year after the NATO crime
International Action Center
International Law
 NATO's bloody humor
New Military Humanism

The Pornography of War
The Pornography of War
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Armed conflict between ethnic Albanians and KFOR soldiers

After fierce armed conflict between militant ethnic Albanians and KFOR soldiers in Kosovska Kamenica, the U.N. administration nevertheless allowed unveiling of the monument to terrorists in this town
Concessions despite the conflicts with terrorists
Concessions despite the conflicts with terrorists
In the center of Kosovska Kamenica, café "Lotos", which Serb Vesko Todorovic possesses, was set on fire and burnt to the ground MORE

The European Interplanetary Assembly of Orthodoxy in Jerusalem adopted the resolution on Yugoslavia condemning in strongest terms ethnic cleansing of Kosovo and Metohija MORE

Groups of ethnic Albanian terrorists are trying to enter the Serbian enclave of Strpce for days; local Serbs repel the attacks - as usual, KFOR fails to react MORE

KFOR soldiers performed a detonation in front of the "Grand" hotel in Pristina, destroying four suspicious packages from a parked car MORE

KFOR soldiers found more illegal weapons in Kosmet, at the location which was not revealed, Reuters reported MORE

Kfor and UNMIK are trying to hide that their members are frequently becoming ill from chemical, radioactive and other pollution in the area of Kosovo and Metohija which caused NATO aggression MORE

And payment of electricity is in function of genocide - from small number of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, who are, on the whole, socially and safety endangered, without incomes and positions from which they were drove away, UN administration demands payment of large bills for the electricity in German marks MORE

Thaqi, Rugova, Kouchner and General Ortuno visited place where two Serbian young men were killed and one wounded, which is cynism and hypocrisy which deeply offend victims, family and whole Serbian people, evaluated Zivorad Igic MORE

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic received Yugoslav Army Delegation, headed by Defense Minister Army General Dragoljub Ojdanic and Chief of General Staff General Nebojsa Pavkovic MORE

In the gallery "Melina Mercury" in Thessalonica an exhibit of war photograph, testimonies about crimes which committed NATO on the people of FR of Yugoslavia during last year's aggression, is in progress MORE

Chief of the U.N. Humanitarian Aid for Kosovo and Metohija Dennis MacNamara strongly criticized NATO for failing to reveal the locations where the cluster bombs had been dropped, which, since the end of the aggression, have been causing new innocent victims in this area on almost daily basis MORE

An ethnic Albanian from the town of Lipljan suffered injuries while planting mines on the Serbian Orthodox graveyard MORE

KFOR members discovered two huge underground weapon bunkers in the area of Drenica, France Press agency reports MORE

In the last year, and especially during the NATO aggression, our Army's officers showed that they surpassed their enemies, not only in moral meaning and regarding patriotism, but in professional meaning, stated President of FR of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic MORE

Defence of our homeland is unique and the most significant national aim which can't be caused with anything, stated chief of General staff of Yugoslav Army General-Colonel Nebojsa Pavkovic at the formal academy "For freedom and honor of homeland", in the House of Guard of Yugoslav Army in Topcider MORE

Serbia in the World
Serbia in the World

Sacred Heritage of Kosovo and Metohia
Sacred Heritage of Kosovo and Metohia

Bibliography on NATO aggression
Bibliography on NATO aggression

Sites and Places
Sites and Places

The terrorists are destroying churches and monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija
The terrorists are destroying churches and monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija

RTS - transmitted on satelite again MORE

Kosovo and Metohia:
Facts about Kosovo and Metohia MORE

Kosovo and Metohia:
Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia MORE

"Start": NATO and the USA are withdrawing from the chaos of Kosovo and Metohija MORE

"Los Angeles Times": What future American president will have to explain to the nation MORE

"Panorama": Albanian mafia - more dangerous from Koza Nostra MORE

Brussels: "Black series" of crimes in Kosovo and Metohija MORE

Buchanan: Necessary change of American policy toward FR of Yugoslavia MORE

"The voice of Russia": False aims and unbecoming means of the aggressor MORE

"Le Figaro": American base was the aim of bombing of Yugoslavia MORE

"Frans enternasional": More and more voices for condemnation of NATO aggression MORE

Brussels: breakdown of NATO strategy MORE

"Iornale": A year after, Serbs are the victims MORE

"Quotidiano di Bari": Yugoslav Army must urgently be returned in Kosmet MORE

"Der Standard": Kosmet became the "swamp" of criminal MORE

Elephteropitia: Who did NATO kill in Yugoslavia MORE

The Independent - Observer…Unsuccessful British presence in Kosovo-Metohija MORE

"Tanjug" Sara Flounders: Yugoslavia is not alone MORE

"Politika - Tanjug": Carla del Ponte's lies in front of the UN's Security Council MORE

Cooperation of the professional media against the western propaganda MORE

"New York Times": Kfor is helpless MORE

"Liberation": Chomsky critiques western hush up of crimes MORE

"Duma" - "Monitor": Terrorist and a drug dealer, Hashim Thaqui promoted a "democrat" MORE

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