June 07, 2000 - 18:43 CET

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Ojdanic: "The aggression on Yugoslavia is not stopping"

FRY safety is still in great jeopardy, Yugoslav Defense Minister, Dragoljub Ojdanic said in an interview to Tanjug
Dragoljub Ojdanic, FRY Defense Minister
Dragoljub Ojdanic, FRY Defense Minister
Federal Defense Minister, general Dragoljub Ojdanic, paid a several-day visit to Russia at the invitation of Defence Minister, marshal Igor Sergeyev MORE

In his latest interview to the Dutch paper Handelsblad, former NATO commander Wesley Clark admitted he requested permission for ground troops in last year's aggression against Yugoslavia MORE

NATO alliance, as a political-military organization, does not have any jurisdiction in Kosovo-Metohija area. The issue is about the jurisdiction of UN forces, it is emphasized in the announcement of Yugoslav Army General Staff regarding the statement of the American general Shelton MORE

Speaking about closing maneuvers in province of Kosovo-Metohija, General - Lieutenant colonel Vladimir Lazarevic underlined that International forces don't have mandate of whatsoever maneuvers, but that their assignment is to provide Yugoslavia sovereignty, safety of citizens and dissarming of terrorists MORE

Major General Vladimir Lazarevic stated that the only reason for the aggression was that Serbia and Yugoslavia are located on the junction through which NATO has to pass in its "crusade" towards the East MORE

Resuming the strategy of provoking and conducting a crisis, NATO intends to spread the terrorist actions and genocide outside Kosovo-Metohija administrative borders, said major general Lazarevic MORE

While the German Minister of Defence, Scharping, both last week and during the NATO aggression, denied use of DU, the Ministry of Defence confirmed that the state of health of all German troops in touch with radioactive ammunition in Kosovo-Metohija would be checked MORE

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Mt. Avala near Belgrade on Thursday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the onset of the NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia MORE

International tribunals that are to try NATO for its aggression on Yugoslavia last spring will stage trials in Berlin on June 2-3 and New York on June 10, the European and US committees for the organization of the trials said MORE

Some sixty Serbs living in Canada filed a law suite against the Canadian government for participating, as a member of NATO, in the bombing of Yugoslavia MORE

The Yugoslav Third Army performs its regular activities in its own country, on its own territory and in accord with the Constitution and the laws of the FR of Yugoslavia, says the statement issued by the Command of this strategic group MORE

Some two thousand soldiers from six countries will participate in military maneuvers of the North Atlantic Treaty in Kosovo (March 19th - April10th), which represents a new demonstration of power in the Balkans MORE

President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic appointed General Dragoljub Ojdanic into Federal government, and Lieutenant General Nebojsa Pavkovic became Chief of Staff of Yugoslav Army MORE

NATO confirmed that the footage of Grdelica was intentionally shown at much greater speed than normal, in order to justify the murder of 14 civilians in the bombing of the train MORE

SFOR members arrested General of Army of Republika Srpska, Stanislav Galic in a terrorist attack in heart of Banja Luka MORE

The terrorist character of the aggression is detected in the preparation of the ethnic Albanian secession, their armed rebellion, the forming of their paramilitary formations, in the delivery and trafficking of arms, the holding of allegedly political negotiations MORE

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