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Guide through Kosovo and Metohia

U.S. Clark lodges complaint against U.S., NATO over Yugoslav bombing MORE

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NATO countries not ready to pursue KFOR policy

Every military unit stationed in Kosovo-Metohija, above all, follows the policy of its government and they are not ready to follow the joint KFOR command, the London Guardian revealed

NATO and KFOR joint military drills in Kosovo-Metohija, planned for March this year, directed against Belgrade and not against the forces that are violating the UN Resolution 1244, stated the Russian Ministry of Defence MORE
Sergei Lavrov's stances, issued on the UN Security Council session on Yugoslavia's key role in the region, were at the same time his response to Carl Bildt who made a series of untenable comments MORE
In the closing discussion of the international conference in Prague, it was concluded that NATO member countries which have bombed FR of Yugoslavia for almost 80 days, should pay for the damage and rebuild everything they had destroyed in the country MORE
Archpriest of Athens and Greece, Hristodoulo, appealed to the international organizations and their leaders, as well as to all people with good will, to end suffering and in every way unacceptable situation in Kosovo-Metohija MORE
The Serbian Ministry of Information pointed out the fact that the United States and its western European allies were continuing their media aggression on Serbia MORE
The Yugoslav Committee for Cooperation with the UN Mission in Kosovo-Metohija put in a strong protest in regard to the killing of Dr. Josif Vasic and the wounding of Vjenceslav Grozdanovic, a specialist in medical biochemistry MORE
Ethnic-Albanian terrorists, who came from Kosovo and Metohija, staged an attack on a Serbian police patrol of Serbian Interior Ministry near the village of Konculj, the Bujanovac municipality MORE
The latest developments in the northern, Serbian part of the town of Kosovska Mitrovica are turning into a "catalyzer, which could bring about serious changes," said Vladislav Jovanovic, head of Yugoslav Mission to the UN MORE
Head of the provisional government of Serbia's southern province of Kosovo and Metohija Zoran Andjelkovic said that the arson at the "Boro i Ramiz" sports hall in the provincial capital of Pristina was the latest proof of the ethnic-Albanian terror, violence, anarchy and crime and of the international peacekeeping forces' cynicism MORE
During the conflicts in Kosovska Mitrovica, the local Albanians stole a pistol from the commander of the international forces in Kosovo-Metohija, General Claus Reinhart MORE
It is obvious that the international military and civilian missions are incapable of curbing violence in Kosovo-Metohija and securing at least a minimum of safety for the Serb population, said a statement announced by the Russian Foreign Ministry MORE
The European Union stated that it would not tolerate threats to KFOR and Kosovska Mitrovica, avoiding once again mentioning the main culprit - the Albanian terrorism MORE
President of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Supreme Army commander Slobodan Milosevic received today newly-appointed Defense Minister army General Dragoljub Ojdanic and new Chief of the Yugoslav Army General Staff General Nebojsa Pavkovic MORE
Statement of NATO Secretary General, Robertson, that the additional Yugoslav troops were transported to Presevo, and that it was the reason for increase of tension in that part of Serbia was another nonsense of the Alliance, said General lieutenant Vladimir Lazarevic MORE
Official France distanced itself from the statements of former US envoy for the Balkans, Richard Holbrook, and his accusations on French KFOR soldiers MORE
It was stressed at the "Day of solidarity with Iraqi people" event that Iraq and Yugoslavia are the victims of hegemony, unipolar world and the US administration's policy of aggression MORE
Russia urged today a political process to be launched in Kosovo and Metohija by which the status of the province within Yugoslavia would be defined in line with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 and by which all other provisions of the resolution would be implemented MORE
The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia lodged a sharp protest with the United Nations Security Council regarding the latest dramatic developments in Kosovska Mitrovica which have been caused by ethnic Albanian terrorists, but also members of the international force KFOR with their arrogant behaviour and brutal action of house-searching Serb districts of this town MORE
The Delegation of the Jordanian BAATH party, currently visiting FR Yugoslavia, condemned the NATO aggression on FRY, and Serbia, and expressed their admiration to our people's heroic resistance MORE
The largest number of crimes, since the arrival of KFOR to Kosmet, took place this month MORE
Raving fans of Zagreb Dinamo soccer club threw smoke bombs at the FRY Consulate in Vukovar MORE
Serbian Deputy Prime Minister professor Dr. Vojislav Seselj received Abdel Ben Yal, Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister and Mohamed Koailed, Libyan embassy charge d'affaires in Belgrade MORE
The international meeting on "International Relations in the New Century - for the World of Equality", in which representatives of 93 parties from 56 countries participated, was held in Belgrade MORE
The Republic of Serbia Commission for Refugees has announced that, starting with March 1st, it will start the filing of displaced persons from Kosovo-Metohija, the number of which has, according to this Department, reached a figure of 250 - 300 thousand MORE
The UN is forming a team of experts which should, as of next week, visit Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia and help in the overhauling of consequences caused by the cyanide spill from the Romanian gold mine in the rivers of Samos, Tisza and Danube, AP quoted the statement of an UN official MORE
Serbia has only one way to survive - that all its citizens, all its people stay together, as they did at the height of the war, said the SPS president Slobodan Milosevic, closing the 4th SPS Congress MORE
At the Fourth Congress, Slobodan Milosevic was reelected the president of the Socialist Party of Serbia MORE
Five western countries, France, Italy, Germany, the United States and Great Britain for the first time severely and concretely warned the leaders of the Kosovo Albanians to stop the violence in the southern Serbian province, it was officially stated in Paris MORE
Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) President Slobodan Milosevic opened today the Fourth SPS Congress at the Belgrade Sava Centre MORE
At the UN Security Council meeting, Russian Ambassador Sergey Lavrow said that the members of the UN mission "closed their eyes" to ethnic Albanian extremists' actions, and that kind of acting by UMNIK and KFOR caused new wave of crime in Kosovo MORE
The reception of films of Nikita Mihalkov in our country is the best confirmation for the congruence of cultural points of view of FR Yugoslavia and Russia MORE
"Freedom cannot be imagined without equality, so that we consider this meeting of yours, its contents, and your presence, as symbolic striving not only for freedom, but also for equality, which is inseparable from it", said Slobodan Milosevic, greeting the participants of the European inter-parliamentary assembly of Orthodox countries MORE
Rubin, known for his "very close ties" with Thaqi, used the briefing to repeat the well-known lies that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is calming down MORE
NATO is the only one guilty for increase of violence in Kosovo and Metohija, and the troubles with the Albanian separatist are about to begin, says General Leonid Ivashov MORE
The latest government letter to the UN Security Council states that leading figures of the UN mission are responsible for the chaos in this southern Serbian province, in particular the secretary-general's High Representative Bernard Kouchner MORE
The national community of Gypsies in Kosovo and Metohija "no longer exists, nor does a multiethnic Kosovo and Metohija," Serbian Minister Jovan Damjanovic said MORE

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